GUIDO, for decades has been synonymous with innovation, high-quality and reliability in fuel-injector systems and nowadays is one of the world leaders in diesel fuel-injector systems.  They manufacture lines and high-pressure injection pipes for diesel engines as well as jacketed injection lines for vessels, mounting nuts for injector nozzles and push rods for valves.

The fuel-injection system has an important influence over the reduction of polluting emissions and also in the use of internal combustion engines. The last two decades have seen rising emission standards that are getting stricter and stricter throughout the world.  Guido meets all of these requirements thanks to its process and production plants, which are at the forefront of science and technology.

The quality of their products is based on the planning of all parts of the production process and distribution and that way there is a systematic monitoring of all parts of the process during the development of the product. Right from the initial concept up until the after sales service, everything comes from just one source.

Guido has a high level of increasing production.  Each step of the process is carried out internally at the company.  This includes the development of raw materials, design engineering, the production of tools, the design of machines and the industrial production which is needed to complete each product.  Guido guarantees the highest possible level of flexibility and is prepared to satisfy the specific requirements of each individual client.


guido inyeccion ercesa

GUIDO develop a custom-tailored solution for every new project. We produce tubes in GUIDO steel grades ST30, ST50, ST70 and ST90. These are micro-alloyed fine grain structural steels developed and specified specially by us for use in fuel injection lines. The outer and inner diameters are selected individually for each project.

For every connection variant, design engineers develop an individual swaging geometry which is optimised in vibration terms.

Needless to say that GUIDO comply with the cleanliness stipulations relating to all high pressure fuel injection systems for diesel engines commonly used around the world.