Our history

Ercesa, Empresas Reunidas de Comercio Exterior, was founded in the 40s, a time when there was a shortage of technical equipment which created a market for importing machinery which started off slowly but grew over time. We delivered projects that were finished and complete.

Over the years we’ve focused on specialising in technical products related to the world of cars and battery production. ERCESA is now the exclusive distributor for Digatron and Guido. We work in all areas that develop combustion engines, electric engines, hybrid engines and supported technology for batteries.

Meet us

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Our mission is to provide the precision and reliability provided by German industry to the development and making of battery and fuel-injected engines.

How we work


Through geographical proximity and direct, frequent, and smooth communication with our suppliers. We represent the best equipment-and-components manufacturers in the sectors that we work in.


We have more than a decade’s worth of experience working in this sector, growing with the industry and providing the most reliable, avant-garde technology.


In-depth knowledge of the industry and implicating ourselves in the needs of each customer makes us part of a great guarantee that our clients offer with their products.

What do we do?

We help with all different kinds of components for the production of lithium batteries, and conventional batteries as well as the integrated management software for each of them, and fuel-injected pipes for internal combustion engines.

Our clients are labs and production plants that make all types of batteries such as ones needed for the general car industry and related parts, and the development of such batteries.

Our director

An engineer with over 30 years’ experience in the industry. Since finishing my degree I have been working with electrical systems, mechanical systems and hydraulic systems in different industrial and scientific installations.

As part of my professional career in the development of scientific and in the last few years I have specialised in the industrial field especially car electronics specifically testing all types of batteries, and also in the field of hydraulic fuel-injection diesel engines. I offer technical advice in both fields.

I have been the only administrator of ERCESA since 2011.

Jens Helmling

CEO / Engineer